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Advertising is often associated with Free in this day and age, especially in the app world. That is why when I hear something about a new free chat app hitting the market, I'm usually a bit reluctant to expect anything good to come out of it. However, there is one app I've been toying with recently that somehow manages to avoid annoying ads yet provide a stable messaging platform for the masses.

This app is known to many as TAP Messenger. The cool part about this iPhone chat app is that it's not just another free messenger app, it's an actual full featured socializing machine. You can join chat rooms, be paired up randomly with strangers, browse for locals, and so much more. It's one of the coolest apps to hit the market in a long while, and best of all it's completely free!

Again, when I say free, I don't mean it's cluttered with advertising. Their current business model has zero ads and they plan to keep it that way. Their goal is to grow the chat network by keeping it a free chat app forever, and along the way the pioneers are able to purchase non-essential chat features such as custom username colors and extra smilies. These are things that casual chatters won't really care about, but the chat pros will flock to.

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