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There are many free chat apps available on the Android and iPhone app stores. The majority of these options have plenty of advertising, are limited until you pay an extra fee, or are just plain bad ways to communicate on a mobile device. We sought out to discover the best free chat apps that run both on iPhone and Android, which makes up for most of the smartphone market share.

We found a lot of chat room apps that let you chat in a public setting, but all of these lacked the actual ability to go into a true private chat session. This means that you would need at least two apps to chat privately with people you wanted to keep talking with, and I only say two hoping that they also have your preferred android messenger app for private chatting, if they don't you're stuck with at least 3 apps doing one purpose, meeting new friends.

One of the only apps out there which combines all of the above into one is TAP Messenger
This is a free chat app for both iPhone and Android and is cross-platform. You can literally get rid of a few apps by downloading this one which does it all. It's also quite reliable and shows proper indicators for when messages are successfully delivered.

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